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Dog with itchy skin conditionIn 2015, Sue’s sweet 12-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, Jack, was suffering terribly. His back was painfully red and raw, and he had licked and bitten off much of his fur. His condition worsened to the point where he had to wear a cone and be bathed with prescription shampoo. Jack developed staph infections multiple times from all the licking, requiring steroids and other harsh medications. Despite visits to multiple vets, none of the treatments helped, and Sue was deeply concerned about the damage these medications could do to his liver. Drawing from her knowledge of herbal remedies for her horses, while making horse herb treats, she gave Jack several each day. She supportied his liver with the Liver + Kidney Support Herb mix. She added chia seeds, ground flax seeds and coconut oil to his food. 


Dog with healthy fur and skin

In just a few short weeks, Sue noticed Jack's itching was clearing up, and his fur was starting to grow back. Amazed by the results and determined to share her success with other pet parents, Sue documented Jack's improvements and consulted her holistic vet friend. In partnership with the veterinarian, Sue created a line of all-natural dog herb mixes.

Natural food can make a significant difference in the health of both humans and animals. A clean diet can enhance quality of life and even prolong the lifespan of our beloved pets. Jack lived until he was 15 years old, with a full, healthy coat of fur. Since then, we've heard countless stories from discerning pet parents who have experienced similar transformations.

Sue’s journey with Jack inspired her to offer the same gift of health and longevity to other pet parents. By providing clean, natural foods without fillers or inappropriate ingredients, we aim to improve the lives of dogs everywhere. We believe that every pet deserves the best nutrition to live a long and healthy life, just like Jack did.

What’s your story? Please share it with us! 
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